Thursday, July 29, 2010

To long

Well it has been to long since i have written on this blog well what has been going on with the Ercanbrack Family is we are preparing for a lot of stuff for right now Alexis and Gabriel are both starting school Alexis will be starting Kindergarten and Gabriel will be starting Preschool. So starting in August i will have two hours to my self on Tuesdays and Thursdays so i am looking forward to that it will probably be filled with cleaning and running errands but at least i will get two hours to myself. We are also going to start trying for another baby soon if i could just keep my health stable right now i am having some problems with my colon but they are not related to the Celiac's apparently so i am just trying to deal with that we really want to move to a new house, but it is kind of hard when a lot of money goes to doctors especially when they haven't figured out what is going on with me right now. A lot has been going on especially since i haven't written since Dec. right after i was diagnose i still don't think i have MS to but we don't really know. I have been staying home with the kids we have tried to go out swimming and playing i feel like i am trying to make up for the last two years of there lives and I did start to feel better for a few months it is hard now that i have started to have problems again i am hoping that i will be able to get this figured out soon i hope it will be figured out soon so i can start feeling better. well I better run i have to go to the doctor and also get the kids ready so i will keep up with this better i hope. Hopefully this will be figured out soon.

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