Thursday, July 29, 2010

To long

Well it has been to long since i have written on this blog well what has been going on with the Ercanbrack Family is we are preparing for a lot of stuff for right now Alexis and Gabriel are both starting school Alexis will be starting Kindergarten and Gabriel will be starting Preschool. So starting in August i will have two hours to my self on Tuesdays and Thursdays so i am looking forward to that it will probably be filled with cleaning and running errands but at least i will get two hours to myself. We are also going to start trying for another baby soon if i could just keep my health stable right now i am having some problems with my colon but they are not related to the Celiac's apparently so i am just trying to deal with that we really want to move to a new house, but it is kind of hard when a lot of money goes to doctors especially when they haven't figured out what is going on with me right now. A lot has been going on especially since i haven't written since Dec. right after i was diagnose i still don't think i have MS to but we don't really know. I have been staying home with the kids we have tried to go out swimming and playing i feel like i am trying to make up for the last two years of there lives and I did start to feel better for a few months it is hard now that i have started to have problems again i am hoping that i will be able to get this figured out soon i hope it will be figured out soon so i can start feeling better. well I better run i have to go to the doctor and also get the kids ready so i will keep up with this better i hope. Hopefully this will be figured out soon.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Well i went in on the 22nd to have a laperoscopy to do to try and find out what was going on why i have been in so much pain for so long. But a week before that my sister was watching Dr. OZ and he was talking about a desease called Celiac which has been missed Diagnosed with MS which me think i follow some of those symtoms maybe i was missed Diagnosed so i asked my doctor if i had been tested for Celiac and no i haven't so i called and made and appt. to get tested (simple blood test) so i got the phone call on Wed December 23rd that i have Celiac that the test came back positive i do have to admite i was hoping i only had the Celiac. The doctors are saying i have both Multiple Sclerosis and Celiac. Then i got the Laperoscopy on Tuesday and they said i have a sever case of Vericos Vains in my Pelvis so wow know i have answers that i am greatful for because know I know what i am dealing with and can try to get under control because for a long time i have been on pain medication i have been going to a pain managmet for a while now and now i want to get of everything and see if i can just manage it on my own with diet and other stuff. With the Pelvic Vericos Veins they said that i will have to have a historectomy Wow i am only 27 so i am at the point where i am trying to decided to have more kids or be done they want us if we are going to is to do it soon. I am scared. I really feel like i am suppost to have more but i am afried of how my body will hold up. I am going to try to stay strong and Positive this celiacs is very herditary they say so i am going to have both the kids tested on January 11th because maybe that could explain alot of lexi malnutrition and being so small it would make sence. one thing i want to get across to people is you have to take your situation into control research what every you can you have to be your own voice ask for test if you think something is wrong you research and find out what can be done no one else is looking out for you i am not saying anything bad about doctors but they are truly not living in you shoes you are not a text book so be your own voice. Thanks for letting me vent it really helps me to write all of this down.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

DisneyLand Dec 6 to12 2009 Family trip

Well we decided for part of our Christmas this year we would take the kids to Disneyland, we were so exited and we have been talking about it with the kids almost all year so on December 6th we left the cold of Utah and headed to Nevada where we spent the first night in mesquite in a Best Western it was really fun. All i have to say though is it was so good that before we left i went to Toy R Us and got Gabriel a Super Y Movie that saved my beacon because this was his first road trip and he is a very active child so i was wondering how it was all going to pan out. So i do have to admit i was sick of children's movies especially the ones they watched over and over again. When we arrived in Mesquite Alexis was disappointed because she thought that first day we would already be at Disneyland so trying to explain to her that we would be there in a couple of days was a little hard because for the last year we had be saying that day we were going to Disneyland. Then the next morning on the 7th we left and as we went through Las Vegas we had to make a stop at the Shelby Shop (Cayleb has been want to go for so long) it was like a little kid in a candy store he was in aha we spent some time there looking at all of the amazing cars. I would love to take him back on a Monday apparently they do like a walk through of the shop and take you back where they work on the cars and we just missed it i didn't even know about it so i might have to save some money and take him for like a birthday or something. I am not a huge car fan but these were some beautiful cars. We then headed to California we arrived in L.A. and to our Super 8 hotel we were just 1 mile away from Disneyland so we just settled in and went to bed and the kids were so excited to go to bed because the knew the next morning we would finally be at Disneyland. Oh i have to add for Christmas Cayleb got a GPS and man it save us we didn't take the right exit and it rerouted us there would have been no way we would have found it that quick with out it. And for Christmas he got me a Video Camera to take on the trip so i got it before Christmas which was awesome i was so excited and i got some cute video this was defiantly an important part of the trip to tape it all. We woke up on December 8th and went to Disneyland all day that first day we spent most of our time at disneyland and we went on so many rides we also waited an hour to see the princesses and i will tell you i didn't think it was worth it but seeing the looks on Lexi and Gabe's faces made it all worth it the loved the Princesses Cayleb bought Lexi a signature book so she was so excited to get their autographs i do have to admit the Princess that i liked the best was the girl that was Belle she asked Lexi what here name was and when she signed her book she make it out to Princess Alexis love Belle and it was so much more personal. Alexis and Gabe loved all of them i don't think they cared but i did. We went on so many fun rides and the kids just loved it. The only bummer was that Disneyland closed at 6pm because it was their employee Christmas party so we went over to Disney California for the rest of that night until 9pm when they were closing we went on the Toy Story ride which the kids loved Lexi said that was her favorite ride and rode a ton of other rides in the Bugs life part the kids we so cute and loved every part of it so we decide to go get Pizza for dinner and get back to the hotel. That night i didn't get much sleep because Gabe sleep ed with me and man he kicked me all night so i was way tied going into the second day of Disneyland. we woke up December 9th we went to breakfast at Denny's just down from Disneyland and head to Disney California to go to Show of Micky Mouse Club house and i do have to say it was so cute how much they loved it. then we spent the whole day going between Disneyland and Disney California we watched the Pixar parade which was fun and we got our picture with Lightning McQueen and Gabe loved that he was a sleep right before we got to them and he woke up to seeing Mat or and Lightning McQueen and he was in shock he said wow mommy they are so big. We stayed at the park until 11pm that night then we went back to the hotel to prepare for bed for the next day at sea world. December 10th we went and spent the day at sea world which the kids loved the Shamus show they thought it was so neat they love the dolphins to now Lexi want to swim with the dolphins. Sea world was nice then it closes at 5 i think it was so we just headed home we did get to go past the San Diego Temple all light up and that was really neat becuase that is caylebs favorite Temple it was beautiful then we went home and just had dinner and again the GPS got us back to the hotel i don't know how we ever traveled without it is a blessing. Then we decided to come home one day early so we could spend a whole day with Cayleb without anyone calling and bothering Cayleb for help which was nice we went to lunch and rented movies and just spent the day just playing. I hated coming home i have to admit it was not the best but what can you do I hope this didn't bore you to much it was an awesome vacation and we loved every minute.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving November 2009

So i have to share about our Thanksgiving this morning we were so lucky to have Cayleb home for the whole holiday so when we woke up cayleb made breakfast and I deiced to go around the table and have all of us say one thing they are grateful for so i asked Alexis first and she said "My Family" so cute then Cayleb said "Time with My Family" because it is slim to none,then I went to Gabriel and He said "Um I think My lexi". K so the Melted my Heart so sweet both of them and then it was my turn I am thankful for so many things but what i said was "I am thankful for our Home". (it may be small but it is full of love and in this time we are so blessed to have a roof over our heads and food in our mouths so I was grateful to get to share that with my family it was fun to hear what the kids we thankful for. Later on at breakfast Gabriel was just sitting and i don't remember what were talking about but all of the sudden he said Mom Lexi is your number 2 and I said what lexi is my number 2 and he said yes lexi is your number 2, so i said if lexi is my number 2 then who is my number 1 and he said "um i think Me!" I just giggle sometime the things he says just cracks me up were does he come up with it. Then we were going out to my moms house for Thanksgiving Dinner at lunch time 1pm is what time it started so we went out there most of my family was there my oldest brother chad went to his mother in laws for dinner but all the rest of my family was there. It was alot of fun My sister in law Jessica brought out her camera (does Photography does most of mine she is awesome i love them)so they did pictures they did a five generation pic because my niece Allison just had a baby girl in October and so they Had it with My Grandma Pulley who is the Great Great Grandma, then My Mom who is the Great Grandma, then my sister Camille who is the Grandma, then My Niece Allison who is the Mom and the Baby Skylnn my Great Niece (who i have to say is such a doll i just love holding her) anyway so while we were there we had family pictures with me and cayleb and the kids then i did one with just me and my mom and then one with just me and my dad and the my kids with my parent and then my kids with Grandma Pulley then just the kids i cant wait to see them she does such a good job. We ate tons and got to talk and just enjoy each others company I had a headache the whole time but man that is better then some days so i am so grateful for such a wonderful family and man there were some Yummy Pies have to Put that in there. It defiantly was a Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Continue of Las Vegas

K so I left off talking about the room and the first night well then the secound day was our busy day they had us up at 9am to go to the University of Las Vegas where the PBR was going to be held so we went down into the rena where they told us we would be standing and we just ran through what was going to happen that night. Then we were there for a couple of hours then they took us to the hotel to get our credentionals to get into the back stage of the PBR which made me feel special then we had free time until 5pm then we were suppost to met to ride in the bus to the PBR. So at 5pm we went to the PBR and found our seat while they took my husband down for the first part where he was suppost to be for the begining. Then we watch the first half of the PBR LeAnn Rimes Sang the national anthem which gave me chilles it was awsome then, right before the brake in the middle they took us down to the arena where they were going to announce the winner wow i was so scared and excited it was cute cause cayleb was so calm and i was not at all and he was the one that had to be out in front of all those people. Then they brought out all of the regional finalists and told a little of there story at this time i was shaking so bad because no one knew then they made the announce ment that the kid from Oklahoma won his name was Micheal MaGee and he won the 50,000 wow that was crazy so they took his girlfriend out there and i help her stuff lucky me. I will be honest i was Jealous but I was excited for them then they took us up to the confrence room where they took pictures of all the winners and there spouse or girlfriend in his case and we got to talk to everyone and thank them it was way fun. But who wouldn't be a little let down we did get so much out of it though it was such a blessing although we havent recieved the check and are still waiting when it does come we will be excited. It was an awsome trip but then we went back to the hotel and the took us for coctail and to celebrate with the winner and the had a chocolet foutain and alot of food that came around and all the drinks you want so i got Virgine Strawberry dacory I have to make it a point to say virgine because we all know in my past i drank so everyone was giving me crap "You know you can drink right" no i forgot duh well it was way yummy food and we definatly made some awsome friends. The craziest thing was that we had people come up to me and Cayleb and say we totaly thought it was going to be you guys. Wow what a complement and that they wanted us to win. Then me and cayleb decided to go back to that Place it was called RumJungle to go dancing it was preatty fun you have to remember this was the night before halloween and wow we saw some costumes or lack there of. Then we went back to our room for the night then the next day we had free time the rest of the trip so on saturday we decied to do some shoping and we went to a show with our friends Robert and Ashley From Florida we went to Cirque Du Soleil at MGM and saw KA it was so awsome and we went to a nice restrant which man i am a burger girl all the way an cheap food is my thing. But it was an awsome night and then we went to the Mandalay Bay the Hotel side to sleep that was Halloween night looks of people dressed up not us but it was still fun. Sunday Morning we decided to go to the drag races and the Las Vegas Raceway Wow that is intence and so much fun we went with our friends Glenn and Terri from Illinois and Glenn works for Matco Tools so he got us into a free lunch which was so yummy and man free you cant beat that. They arranged a car to take us there and during the drag races man you feel those cars in you chest wow then we left there and went straight to the PBR. That was fun most of the couple came because it was our last night together and we watch the PBR I have never really been a fan of Bull riding but wow when you are right there it is awsome oh i forgot to tell that first night at the PBR it was so funny one of the riders rode the whole 8 secounds and when he got off he decided to show boat and he did a front flip and the bull watched him do it and as soon as he landed the bull head butted the guy in the butt it was so funny that bull was not having it. Then when the PBR got over they had a streach limbo waiting for all of us and wow it was so nice it had lights all on the inside this was so beautiful and then we dropped a few of the other people off and three of the couples we all decided to take the limbo to go see the foutains and then we took the Limbo to in and out buger which was fun. then we went back to the room and ended the night. Monday we were up and went to breakfast then checked out and they drove us to the airport and we got home and went to go get our kids who i missed so bad this was the longest we have ever left them it was hard but so fun I am so glade we had this oppertunity and i am so glade i have such and amazing husband. There is the rest of the Story so when you see contest and think no one ever wins those they really do we are proof and i will say i am a believer. Thanks for reading my story.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Amazing Luck and Blessing!

Here is the whole story of Las Vegas( or as Gabe calles it lost Vegas my cute 2 year old), this summer i am not even sure the month i was flipping through a paper and ran upon a flyer for a contest for the chance to win a million dollars,first thought no one ever wins these things just set it a side and had a feeling what can you lose from signing up. So i thought American worker of the year that totally reminds me of cayleb so i am going to enter him so wrote a little about him and the amazing man he is and how when i got diagnosed he lost his job and our insurance had to go on cobra for a while and instead of giving up he took on a job at auto zone with pay that cant support our family but had insurance and then found his second job at Honest One which pays better but doesn't have the benefits so he began working the two jobs and how we decided to shut down my studio that we had for just over 4 years and how to me he is the an American worker of the year and i was hoping that he would see how much i apprecitated him and all his hard work and hoped they would see it to. A few months went by and i got a call on my cell from Dickies there employee Jeana she was in charge of Marketing. She went on to tell me that cayleb need to call because he was a potential regional finalist and that he need to set up an interview with the top people of Dickies so a week later Cayleb had an phone interview with the presidents of Dickies in many of the different departments they asked Cayleb all kinds of Questions (an hour long interview). A week went by so we thought oh they deiced on someone else which okay no big deal i guess. Then they called me again and said have cayleb call us back as soon as possible Wow i had no idea what this meant so i went to caylebs work and on his lunch brake he called them back and while he was on the phone he came out and asked me what my name said on my licence and i thought what for then he came and asked what size of clothes do i where (cool he won clothes)he talked for a while then got of and i said oh what was that all about did you win clothes and he said ya and i am the regional finalist winner and i said do you know what that means and he said well we are going to Vegas and i said ya and you just won 10,000 dollars! He seriously didn't know what to say he was so surprised i thought he doesn't get it and seriously for like a month i don't think it sunk in and for a couple of months while we were waiting to go to Vegas they sent out photgrapehrs and videoographers and newspaper and he did photo shots and interview which was so crazy and fun. Now we will skip to Vegas So we left on Oct.29th it was a Thursday morning from the Salt Lake airport at 9:45 am and Arrived in Vegas at 11:30am and it was so cool when we got off the airplane there was a driver with a sign with our last name on it like in the movies it was so cool then he took us in a town car to the Mandalay bay (the hotel)Wow it is beautiful from the outside but the inside is amazing we were met by a guy named Jeff hew was the coordinator of everything he gave us all our info to check in and up to the room we went i was in aah it was so cool and huge i loved it we decided to go get lunch left the room and when we came back the was a gold box with Wine and glasses and engraved on them was Dickies American Worker of The Year which wow we don't drink but it was so cool we took it home with us then they had a plate of cheeses and fruit so that was so cool. Then that night was our first cocktail and Meet and great of everyone. The help the cocktails at the top floor of hotel at the Club called the mix with was really cool you could see all of Vegas and the funny experience i had there was i had to use the restroom well it was a toilet with a huge window so you could look at the view while using the bathroom really it tripped me out but that was really fun and we met so awesome people and had so much fun i wish we could escape again that was to fun. K well i am going to try to get some sleep but i will post more to this story soon to be continued......